Weekly KO #40 | 07-20-2016
Written by Joe Szyc and Ro Ro
Produced & Edited by Ro Ro

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Bellator 158

  • Paul Daley was classy in his loss to Douglas Lima
  • Michael Page delivered the most devastating, skull shattering knee I’ve ever seen
  • Earning MVP a 2nd round KO
  • And can we just talk about that skull crushing knee please!
  • Immediately following the blow to Cyborg
  • He dropped in pure pain and agony and was NOT defending himself!
  • I don’t know if any of you saw the photo but it was a nasty fracture to the skull
  • NASTY!
  • And guess what…?
  • Now Cyborg thinks he will fight in 3 to 6 months
  • Um dude, your forehead and brain have just become one
  • I’m thinking you need more then ice and to walk it off
  • Go lay down!
  • Francis Carmont slipped the Brabo Choke on Mr Klinger for a 1st round win
  • Stage 3 clinger was avoided
  • Matt Mitrione and Oli Thompson both can take a punch
  • Fortunately for Matt, he was throwing more than one punch
  • And pulled out the 2nd round with a TKO

Needle In Your Butt Cheek Any One?
  • Jon Jones is still trying to sell us on his innocence
  • I’m sorry… not buying it
  • Brock Lesnar, well I can’t say I’m shocked
  • But why deny it?
  • Also, HOW DID HE pass some of the PED tests anyway?
  • The more fighters lie, point fingers or tell a story about Kangaroo meat and penis pills
  • The harder it is for you to regain credibility
  • Everyone wrote the Jon Jones volume 1 story and then had to scrap it
  • Volume 2 was going to be a great come back story and that went up in flames
  • So the Brock and his return after 5 years
  • An amazing story about an amazing athlete
  • Both novels are now punch lines that you find in your Bazooka Bubble Gum
  • How about we see Jon Jones fight Brock Lesnar while they are suspended
  • No drug testing… just GO
  • What about a league or division with no testing
  • I’m not sure morally where I land with this, but clearly there are fighters that wouldn’t care and fans will pay
  • Fans have shown they do not care if their athletes use PED’s to hit home runs or knock someone out
  • “Roid Rage In A Cage”

So Riddle Me This
  • Why is Crissy Cyborg not the most hyped female fighter in the world?
  • She’s untouchable
  • Is it her accent?
  • Is it her true dominance?
  • Help me figure this one out, she’s great to her fans both via social media and in person
  • She is Ronda Rousey if Ronda was not a creation of the UFC marketing machine
  • Like really, she finishes all her fights with pure dominance
  • So why is she not the face of women’s MMA
  • Just sayin’!
  • Joe Lauzon tells MMA Junkie that calling out fighters is stupid and annoying
  • He keeps in shape so when the phone rings he can show up and fight
  • In the McGregor era, fighters now beg, plead, cry and complain in an attempt to land the best fight for their legacy, wallet or easy win
  • Everyone wants to fight Conor and if he loses again, that money train will come to a stop pretty soon
  • Bisping is seen as an easy way to win a title and everyone has called him out
  • Heck, GSP even thought about a come back for the chance at a quick title grab
  • The winner of the Bisping sweepstakes is Ben Henderson
  • And why not?
  • Let Bisping try to revenge a loss while he can
  • And why not give a legend like Henderson the chance to go out on top
  • So please let things play out and quit your bitchin
UFC What now? 
  • Expect to see more celebrity appearances
  • Think , movie cameos, talk shows or cereal boxes
  • Expect more live shows
  • Expect the UFC to open up more avenues for distribution of content
  • The new owners are content distribution experts
  • Maybe ESPN, maybe more online content
  • Who knows exactly but get ready
  • With more content, more people paying the UFC for their products
  • We gotta believe fighters should see more money
  • If the UFC’s new leadership starts to spread their reach…
  • Increasing their audience and paying their fighters more…
  • The fans should win, right?
  • Would you watch lower tier fighters every week?
  • The UFC is looking into how to get their product in front of everyone
  • What are you thoughts on this?  Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter
Keep these fighters fighting
  • Cowboy
  • MVP
  • Derrick Lewis
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Cyborg
  • Liam McGeary
  • Andrey Koreshkov
  • and yeah, gonna throw in Amanda Nunes
Where YOU at?
  • Daniel Straus
  • Conor McGregor Title Defense
  • Rampage with a fight worth watching
  • Bellator Heavyweight Title
  • What about a Bobby Lashley vs Matt Mitrione title fight
  • Josh Koscheck – Do we care
  • BJ Penn – Ummmm
  • Bob Sapp actually fighting in a fight
  • Where YOU at?
Upcoming Events
  • July 22nd – Bellator 159: Caldwell vs Taimanglo
  • July 23rd – UFC on Fox 20: Holm vs Shevchenko
  • July 29th – Invicta FC 18 Grasso VS Esquibel
  • July 30th – UFC 201: Lawler vs Woodley
  • July 30th – WSOF 32: Two Title Fights
  • Palmer vs Campos De Almeida and Moraes vs Hill
  • August 6th – UFC Fight Night: Bruce Leroy (Alex Caceres) vs Yair Rodriguez
  • August 20th – UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor,
  • We also have on that card, Cowboy vs Rick Story, Maia vs Condit, and Johnson vs Teixeira
  • August 26th – Bellator 160: Patricio Freire vs Ben Henderson
  • August 27th – UFC on FOX 21: Pettis vs Oliveira
  • September 2nd – WSOF 33
  • September 3rd – UFC Fight Night: Arlovski vs Barnett
  • September 10th – UFC 203: Miocic vs Overeem, Rothwell vs Werdum, and CM Punk vs Mickey Gall

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