Weekly KO #41 | 07-28-2016
Written by Joe Szyc and Ro Ro
Produced & Edited by Ro Ro

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Has Mark Hunt Gone Too Far?

  • Fans and fighters alike may be beginning to think this…
  • Since Mark’s loss to Brock Lesnar and Lesnar’s two failed drug tests
  • Hunt appears to be pretty pissed and may have gone off the deep end
  • Why can’t Mark Hunt address his concerns with the same calm, consistent dedication he had once used to knock people out?
  • Mark had the support of almost everyone
  • When he first asked for financial compensation for fighting someone who used PEDs as part of their preparation…
  • Valid ask!
  • When Mark shared concern for the sport and the overall treatment of fighters, suggesting a union of sorts was necessary…
  • Valid suggestion!
  • Even Benson Henderson agreed in an article written on MMA Junkie
  • BUT NOW….
  • Mark is attacking fans for asking simple questions
  • Now Mark is losing supporters as it as become unclear what Mark is really trying to do
  • You can’t go after the UFC in a wild out of control rant
  • It would seem to MMA Stalker that if you want change,
  • It would be in one’s best interest to partner with other top fighters and demand action through unity
  • Is a formal union needed?
  • Here’s a thought….
  • Maybe not, if one is to get 25% of the top tier fighters to agree on common causes
  • Once the needs of the fighters are supported by the actions of the fighters
  • Maybe fight promotions, like the UFC, will change how they pay, test or penalize fighters
  • Just a thought….
  • And we just can’t see it being done with one popular heavyweight ALONE —
  • And who’s appearing to be on the down side of an amazing career…
  • Find your inner Zen my friend
Ratings Are Overrated
  • So Joe and I were talking…
  • Joe helps run the MMA Stalker and is also writer/blogger and a motivational speaker…
  • But going back we were talking about fighters be overrated…
  • Holy Holm was new to the scene…
  • Holly was the next new somebody
  • The sacrificial lamb…
  • That was SUPPOSED to go down against Ronda Rousey
  • And Who is or WAS Ronda Rousey anyway?
  • She was stringing along many impressive wins…
  • She was being portrayed as the greatest ever…
  • Maybe the pound for pound best…
  • All of this was short sited when Cyborg was dominating before Rousey found MMA
  • And before Rousey ran away from the MMA
  • So Holly Holm beat an overrated fighter and becomes champion
  • So OF COURSE, without an MMA track record…
  • Holly Holm, the GIANT SLAYER is now the best women’s fighter we’ve ever seen…
  • Until her first title defense
  • Now the title jumps over to Tate
  • Tate a great MMA fighter, buuuutttt…
  • We KNOW who she’s never been able to beat…
  • So how everyone falls in love with Tate’s ability is somewhat shocking…
  • Right?
  • So, Tate at UFC 200
  • Fights someone with a similar energy to that of Rousey
  • Amanda Nunes
  • And just like Rousey had done, Nunes puts the beat down on Tate
  • So NOW here we
  • In 3 bantamweight championship fights we’ve seen the title change 3 times
  • Before we try to define a legacy, can we wait for someone to at least defend their title once or twice?
  • Thanks for listening
UFC Fight Night
  • I hope you did not watch this one live
  • Yes we did see Heavyweight Francis Ngannou quickly introduce himself with a 1st round TKO win
  • And we’ll just add that…
  • The UFC has a packed heavyweight division!
  • However, the rest of this card was decision after decision after decision after decision…
  • Joe can you get me a tissue… I’m sneezing decisions over here!
  • We learned Edson Barboza’s kicks are no joke
  • Gilbert Melendez was once a true title contender with his loss to Edson…
  • Is Edson officially a gate keeper now…?
  • We learned Holly Holm needs to work on her ground game
  • Holly, down two after losing to Valentina Shevchenko
  • Shevchenko showed up saying she is no joke and may be next inline for a Bantamweight title fight
  • Ronda chooses to make her return….
  • I don’t see it… Joes seems to think it’s gonna happen
  • What are your thoughts? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

Bellator 159
  • Darrion Caldwell was 9-0
  • Darrion had opportunities to go 10 and 0
  • Now he is 9 and 1
  • He lost the main event fight to Joe Taimanglo in the 3rd round after tapping out from a Guillotine
  • Melvin Guillard is a fan favorite, but damn if this guy does not make life hard on himself!
  • For his fight with David Rickels, Melvin failed to make weight
  • That said, Melvin showed of up
  • Chubb Rockin’ it out
  • And in the first round Melvin KO’d Rickels
  • Melvin shared he is going to go up in weight classes – now there’s a thought
  • And he formally challenged Paul Daley
  • Paul Daley following a loss, seems interested, so time will tell
What do you think?
  • Cris Cyborg has been offered a chance to box
  • And promised that boxing would provide Cyborg her biggest pay day
  • What do you think?
  • Should she dabble with boxing?
  • Shane Carwin announced his intention to return to the UFC
  • How about a Mark Hunt vs Shane Carwin match-up?
  • Shane is known for knocking out his opponents and well Mark Hunt has a similar MO
  • Dan Henderson announced win or lose his title fight with Bisping will be his last fight
  • Will Dan go out on top or will his career end with ONE too many fights?
Upcoming Events
  • July 29th – Invicta FC 18 Grasso VS Esquibel
  • July 30th – UFC 201: Lawler vs Woodley
  • July 30th – WSOF 32: Two Title Fights
  • Palmer vs Campos De Almeida and Moraes vs Hill
  • August 6th – UFC Fight Night: Bruce Leroy (Alex Caceres) vs Yair Rodriguez
  • August 20th – UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor
  • We also have on that card, Cowboy vs Rick Story and Johnson vs Teixeira
  • August 26th – Bellator 160: Patricio Freire vs Ben Henderson
  • August 27th – UFC on FOX 21: Pettis vs Oliveira
  • September 2nd – WSOF 33
  • September 3rd – UFC Fight Night: Arlovski vs Barnett
  • September 10th – UFC 203: Miocic vs Overeem, Rothwell vs Werdum, and CM Punk vs Mickey Gall

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