Weekly KO #43 | 08-15-2016
Written by Joe Szyc and Ro Ro
Produced & Edited by Ro Ro

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Dana White puts his foot down, for now

  • Just when we thought the UFC changed its business model
  • Dana confirms Conor’s Next fight with will be a title defense fight against Aldo
  • Someone better tell Eddie Alvarez, this guy, that guy and my crazy uncle Leo
  • Because they ALL WANT a piece of Conor
  • With the new weight that Conor carries…
  • Is he really interested in cutting any weight to defend his title again?
  • And Woodley, sorry but…
  • No super fight for you!
  • Interestingly enough…
  • Not all champions deserve or ARE AT the level they need to be for a fight to be a true super fight
  • So Woodley vs a Diaz or GSP would not be a super fight
  • Sorry Woodley you are not at that level
  • Cry me a river dude, no one really thought you’d beat Lawler
  • Conor on the other hand did an amazing job of marketing himself along with bringing every MMA fan from Ireland with him
  • He MADE the fight with Diaz a super fight
  • And him losing to Diaz made this younger Diaz brother a more marketable fighter
  • I doubt this is the end of… quote unquote… super fights
  • But we may be seeing Dana regaining control
  • Honestly, how much more would Woodley have made fighting GSP
  • Compared to what he will make fighting Wonder Boy?
  • Frankly…We’d rather see him defend his title against the new Phenom any ways

And Now We Have a Fighters Union
  • What now?
  • It is hard to tell what the fighters will really gain from this
  • Maybe lower tier fighters might make more
  • If anyone wins here, I really hope Cowboy Cerrone ends up making more
  • Anyone making mid 6 figures or million plus, I really don’t know what your complaint is
  • Mark Hunt who championed the idea of a Union
  • Some think a union will help prevent the use of drugs in MMA
  • I’ve yet to see a union that tried to penalize their athletes
  • Look at football, baseball or basketball
  • They fight for the athletes in effort to eliminate or reduce the penalties after an athlete is found in violation
  • So Mark Hunt might just end up fighting more PED users
  • But this is what he wanted, so enjoy

UFC 202, Awww SNAP
  • Will it be what we we wanted UFC 200 to be?
  • Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor
  • Who ever loses, will lose significant marketability
  • Nate winning will be a Dana White nightmare
  • Conor Winning will leave people saying, “Nate Who”
  • Conor shared he spent more than $300,000 training for Nate
  • Good Lord Thats A Lot Of Money (Saturday Night Live)
  • Hard to pick against Nate though… Hope to see a few more Stockton Slaps
  • Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira
  • PLEASE PLEASE  PLEASE stand up and just drop bombs on eachother
  • I know that is not smart for either really, but
  • Pretty Please
  • Winner, we think, will most likely fight DC for the Light Heavyweight Title
  • Donald Cerrone vs Rick Story
  • Cowboy is the fan champion
  • Who better embodies the fighters mentality than Cowboy
  • Not always the best at game planning fights
  • But you will be entertained
  • Hyun Gyu Lim vs Mike Perry
  • Um go get um
  • Tim Means vs Sabah Homasi
  • Sabah needs  the win
  • But we all know Tim means business in that ring
  • booo
  • Takeya Mizugaji vs Cody Garbrandt
  • Cody better win with all his momentum
  • A loss and Cody becomes another solid fighter who may one day win a Bellator fight (Ouch)
  • Atem Lobov (McGregors BFF) vs Chris Avila
  • Atem needs to keep this standing and Chris needs to break it down and take this thing to the ground
  • Neil Magny vs Lorenz Larkin
  • Magny all day

Things We No Longer Care About

  • BJ Penn scheduled to fight October 15th against Ricardo Lamas
  • Jon Jones Might be back sooner than we think
  • This stemming from rumors that his test results are not what we thought they were
  • Wait, does that mean the results were wrong or the results were changed or…WTF going on here
  • Break – Therapy Sessions with Ro Ro
  • I care about this more than I should about this because I’m wasting good hard earned energy not liking Jon Jones
  • Now back to NOT Caring
  • Ken Shamrock banned from fighting in Texas
  • Joe said, Can we just ban this ass clown from fighting in general?
  • Any new Champion thinking he gets to dictate who he fights
  • Fighters who negotiated horribly and now cry about it
  • Conor McGregor, well unless he wins, then I will care a little bit
  • ok, I will care more than I should, don’t judge me
  • Enough of that Boxing talk, OKAY?… We learned in your last fight, boxing is not really your thing soooooo…
  • Cody Garbrandt, I mean I like your fights, but you are quickly becoming “OVER RATED” (you know like the chant)
  • Anyone who wins a title and then looks for a non-title defense for their next fight

Bellator 160
  • As far as free fights go, this has the makings to be a good one
  • Benson Henderson VS Patricio Freire
  • Benson has become a bit less entertaining (putting it gently) as of late, so I hope we will see the Benson Henderson before he ever won a title
  • If not, Patricio is no joke
  • Benson needs to win to get a title fight
  • Patricio needs the win to venge his brothers loss, oh and get a title fight
  • Bubba Jenkins will be on this card.  We’re interested in seeing what he wears…
  • AJ McKee, an up and coming, has only had 4 fights, but all wins
  • Will be taking on Henry Corrales
  • Saad Awad vs Derek Anderson
  • Maybe the most feel good fight of the night
  • Kevin Ferguson Jr, the son of Kimbo Slice is fighting Jon Tomasian
  • I hope Kevin can overcome any emotional drain, in what is his first fight since his father’s passing and his first fight in Bellator
  • UGH SO much emotion and pressure UGH

Upcoming Events
  • August 20th – UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor
  • We also have on that card, Cowboy vs Rick Story and Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira
  • August 26th – Bellator 160: Patricio Freire vs Ben Henderson
  • August 27th – UFC on FOX 21: Pettis vs Oliveira
  • September 2nd – WSOF 33
  • September 3rd – UFC Fight Night: Arlovski vs Barnett
  • September 10th – UFC 203: Miocic vs Overeem and CM Punk vs Mickey Gall
  • September 16th – Bellator 161
  • September 17th – UFC Fight Night: Dustin Poirier vs Michael Johnson
  • September 24th – UFC Fight Night: Cyborg vs Lansberg
  • October 1st – UFC Fight Night: Dodson vs Lineker
  • October 8th – UFC 204 – Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson

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