MMAStalker was at RufMMA’s latest event in Maricopa, AZ! See results and photos on our FB page.

1. Cody Davisworth (UFC Gym) beat John Smigel (Southpaw Fight Club) with a TKO
2. Nathan Charles (Power MMA & Fitness) won over Christiano Burruel (Atrox MMA) via unanimous decision
3. Pete Rodriguez (Dominate Fitness and MMA) defeated George Sopi via TKO
4. Leo Tena (Rise Combat Sports, Tucson AZ) beat Trenton Schmit (SouthPaw MMA) with a TKO
5. Dominick Acuna (Acuna Maxx, Force Fitness and MMA) dominated Cody Johansen (Rise Combat Sports, Tucson AZ) unanimous decision
6. Jeff Thornton (CasaGrande Bjj) dominated Jeff Nelson (Driven Boxing & MMA) and won via TKO
7. Jamie Carskaden (Southpaw fight club) beat Michael Bux (Strong Heart Academy) with a split decison
8. Ivan Tena (Rise Combat Sports, Tucson AZ) defeated Marcus Finch (Maxx Force Fitness and MMA) via TKO
9. Seth Wheeler (CasaGrande Bjj) won over Adam Otiz (Maxx Force Fitness and MMA) via RNC submission
10. Braden Goodwin (MMA LAB) won his bout over Joe Gomez (Siege MMA) unanimous decision
11. Branden Yandell (Hinzman’s Tiger’s Pit) won over Deran Martinez (Spartan Nation) with a TKO

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