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July 29, 2017
Empire Music Event center
Phoenix AZ
Erin Beaulieu

Bouts not in order:
1. Eric Romero lost via Tap to Joseph Nyuyen
2. Kevin Nowicki lost via Tap to Jacob Moran
3. Xavier Escoba won via Forfeit over Angel Ruiz
4. Kendrick Collins won via Tap over Stephen Bodyk
5. Josef Felix won via Decision over Jim Clothier
6. Nick Larrange won via Tap over Kevin Nowicki
7. Mia Castro lost via Decision to Kahlen Diehl
8. Maliya Valenzuela won via Tap over Tyson Cannon
9. Jet Lee won via Decision over Mike Owens
10. Madison Morton lost via Tap to Annabelle Flanders
11. Kahayree Davis won via Tap over Josef Felix
12. Austin Worums won via decision over Andy Perez
13. Christopher Sandoval won via Tap over Najib Ahmadi
14. Ramiro Vasquez won via Tap over Jimmy Clothier
15. Jared Price won via Tap over Daniel O’Connor
16. Eric Romero lost via Decision to Caden Perkins
17. Jose Reyes won via Tap over Josef Felix
18. Jacob Arroyo won via Tap over Julian King
19. Jarrell Price won via Decision over Garrett Flanders
20. Xavier Escoba lost via Tap to Israel Aquino
21. Ryan Copella lost via Tap to Dorian Ramos
22. Celina Volz won via Tap over Annabelle Flanders
23. Dorian Monaco won via Tap over Kendrick Collins
24. Jason Arroyo lost via Decision to Jet Lee
25. Austin Reho lost via Tap to Jessy McCurry
26. Nasir Ahmadi won via Tap over Nathan Unser
27. Everrett SIngman won via decision over Julian King
28. Kevin Nowicki lost via Tap to Jarrod Price
29. Trey Lemley lost via Tap to Chris Sandoval
30. Josef Felix lost via Tap to Dorian Ramos
31. Joseph Nyugen won via Decision over Zachery Ahamadi
32. Eric Romero lost via Decision to Dorian Monaco
33. Jimmy Clothier won via Tap over Anthony Neverez
34. Najib Ahmadi lost via Tap to Xavier Escobar
35. Tracey Grieff lost via Tap to Joe Cronin
36. Marty Anderson lost via Tap to Phil Dunlap

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