Iron Boy MMA 9
November 18, 2017 | Celebrity Theatre | Phoenix, AZ

1. Loji Abushaar (Tucson, AZ) MAXX FORCE won via unanimous decision over Ivan Tena (Tucson, AZ) RISE COMBAT SPORTS
2. Clifton Paul Looper Jr (Phoenix, AZ) PRO EDGE won via TKO over Paul Oraha (Scottsdale, AZ) LEGACY MMA
3. Deric Flores (Scottsdale, AZ) FIGHT READY won via armbar over Mike Owens (Tempe, AZ) BLACK HOLE
4. Steve Coard (Tempe, AZ) POWER MMA won via unanimous decision over Jacob Kelewood (Tempe, AZ) LEGION MMA
5. Daniel Mayer (Buffalo, NY) lost via KO to Brian Trubl (Phoenix, AZ) LEGION MMA
6. Wes Pierce (Mesa, AZ) DRAGON SNAKE MMA won via split decision over Daniel Trejo (Tucson, AZ) MAXX FORCE
7. Andy Perez (Catalina, AZ) APEX MMA won via TKO over Isreal Aquino (Reno, NV) HIT EM UP FIGHT TEAM
8. Daniel Madrid (Phoenix, AZ) LEGION MMA lost via TKO to Alex Nicholson (Apopka, FL) FUSION MMA

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