Get your Fight Scrub on!

If you haven’t gotten a change, check out Fight Scrub Soap. We’ve been hearing some great things about the product and wanted to share!

Fight Scrub Soap is made by hand and includes ingredients not only to get you clean, but also to help combat Staph and MRSA. Designed for…

  • Lumberjacks and tree huggers
  • Lovers and fighters
  • Those who travel and those who just take off
  • Those on the grind and those off the grind
  • Trainers, gyms, athletes, hustlers, grinders and everyone in between.

Just add water! 💦


How much does it cost?


What does it smell like?
  • Original: Fresh and Clean
  • Warlike: Vanilla and Tobacco
Does it dry the skin out?


How do I buy it?

Click on the links below!



What are fighters saying…

Wanted to give a shout out to Mark King for creating some of the best defense in the fight game!  This stuff is incredible. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for never needing to worry about staph or any type of squirms again. You created the best soap I’ve used. Now to shower more than once a week… 😏

John Long

I can’t say whether this Fight Scrub Soap is supposed to KILL ring worm as well as prevent it, but what i CAN say is that the quickest I’ve ever gotten rid of ringworm has been somewhere around 7-10days.  I’ve been using Fight Scrub for 4 days and the lil bastard that popped up Sunday night/Monday morning is GONE children. Me thinky Mark King may be on to something here.

Edwin Louis II

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