September 13, 2018 | PAZ Cantina

Weigh-ins went down tonight for Combate Americas and Iron Boy MMA.  Some light changes to the main card but we’re not upset, this will be a good one. Check out the latest photos from weigh-ins.

Fight Night Info: Saturday 09/14/18 at Celebrity Theatre, doors open at 5pm. More info here.

Fight Card

#1 – 145 lbs | Orlando Jimenez (Phoenix, AZ) vs Joey Trevino (Cortez, CO)
#2 – 145 lbs | Javier Reyes Rugeles (Las Vegas, NV (via Bogata, Columbia)) vs Mike Hamel (Gilbert, AZ)
#3 – 145 lbs | Yaotzin Meza (Glendale, AZ) vs Gilberto Aguilar (Mexico City (Phoenix, AZ))
#4 – 125 lbs | Federico Oliveira (Mendoza, Argentina) vs Richard Palencia (Mesa, AZ) Yuma United MMA
#5 – 155 lbs | Rafael Garcia (Palm Springs, CA) vs Larue Burley (Phoenix, AZ)
#6 – 125 lbs | Karen Cedillo (Monterrey Nuevo Loen Mexico) vs Tracy Cortez (Scottsdale, AZ) Fight Ready
#7 – 135 lbs | Gustavo Lopez (Las Vegas, NV) vs Jose Alday (Hermosillo Sonora Mex (via Tucson, AZ)) Rise Combat Sports
#8 – 150 lbs | Flavian Pilgrim (Albuquerque, NM) vs Austin Wourms (El Mirage, AZ) Bluestarr Grappling
#9 – 140 lbs | Roman Salazar (Scottsdale, AZ) Fight Ready vs Eduardo Alvarado (Tijuana, Mexico)

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