Friday night we stalked the premier Hispanic Mixed Martial Arts promotion Combate Americas.  The event was hosted in conjunction with Iron Boy Promotions.  We saw nine Pro bouts, with Combate’s first ever Bantamweight Pro Title.  Lots of great action, stacked card, and a full house.  The crowd couldn’t get any louder with a few of these bouts – teams, family, and friends really came out to support!  Fun event – check the latest photos.

#1 – 145 lbs | Orlando Jimenez (Phoenix, AZ) Fight Ready MMA and Fitness won via TKO over Joey Trevino (Cortez, CO)
#2 – 145 lbs | Javier Reyes Rugeles (Las Vegas, NV (via Bogata, Columbia)) lost via Unanimous Decision to Mike Hamel (Gilbert, AZ)
#3 – 145 lbs | Yaotzin Meza (Glendale, AZ) MMA LAB won via RNC over Gilberto Aguilar (Mexico City (Phoenix, AZ))
#4 – 125 lbs | Federico Oliveira (Mendoza, Argentina) lost via TKO to Richard Palencia (Phoenix, AZ) MMA Lab
#5 – 155 lbs | Rafa Garcia (Palm Springs, CA) won via TKO over Larue Burley (Phoenix, AZ)
#6 – 125 lbs | Karen Cedillo (Monterrey Nuevo Loen Mexico) lost via TKO to Tracy Cortez (Scottsdale, AZ) Fight Ready
#7 – 135 lbs | Gustavo Lopez (Las Vegas, NV) lost via Split Decision to Jose Alday (Hermosillo Sonora Mex (via Tucson, AZ)) Rise Combat Sports, Tucson AZ
#8 – 140 lbs | Roman Salazar (Scottsdale, AZ) Fight Ready lost via TKO to Eduardo Alvarado (Tijuana, Mexico) Rise Combat Sports
#9 – 150 lbs | Flavian Pilgrim (Albuquerque, NM) JacksonWink MMA won via TKO over Austin Wourms (El Mirage, AZ) Bluestarr Grappling

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