Let’s s’talk’ about this for a moment…

Amanda Serrano is a Puerto Rican professional boxer and mixed martial artist. This past Friday she was in attendance at Combate Americas / Iron Boy MMA event in Phoenix, AZ.

Amanda is the ONLY women’s boxer to win world titles in five and six divisions.  In 37 fights, she has only lost one (unanimous decision) to Frida Walberg from Sweden and had one end in draw way back in November of 2009 to Ela Nunez of the US.

She is ALSO, the only Puerto Rican boxer to become a world champion in six different weight classes!!! Her last fight was September 8th of this month where she won the vacant WBO light welterweight title.

Amanda Serrano has been paving the way for women in boxing and is now applying her talent to mixed martial arts and is signed with Combate Americas.

Impressive – wishing her much success!