WFF MMA Valiant College Prep | Weigh-ins

We stalked the weigh-ins for World Fighting Federation’s Valiant College Prep Fight Night. Come out, support your local fighter’s, and help raise money for the Henry and Angel Cejudo Scholarship Fund!
📣 Fight Day: Tonight! Thursday, June 20th at 7pm
📍 The Van Buren | 401 W Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ 85003

#1 – Amateur 130 lbs | Joseph Rivas vs Talon Glasser
#2 – Amateur 170 lbs | Luigi Bisconti vs Jontae McCowan
#3 – Amateur 205 lbs | Theodore Nunez vs Elias Proce
#4 – Amateur 145 lbs | Quintin Shadle vs Coleman Griffith
#5 – Pro 125 lbs | Jesse Tofoya vs Joshua Madrigal
#6 – Pro 175 lbs | Wesley Pierce vs Joey Faletagoai

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