RUF MMA 36 | Nick Alwag vs Aaron Loya

This was an exciting fight for us to stalk. Lots of take downs, kicks and strikes. Check out the latest highlight video from RUF MMA 36 – Nick Alwag vs Aaron Loya.

Pro Fight #11 of the night at 135 lbs | Nick Alwag (Scottsdale, AZ) Driven Boxing & MMA wins by TKO Via Strikes over Aaron Loya (Phoenix, AZ) Temple Arts

Round Summaries

by Ricky Glover

Head kick by Loya. Big strike from Alwag. Loya finding success using his kicks. Loya stuns Alwag with a head kick followed up by a few shots but Alwag is able to recover. Alwag with a head kick. Action moves to ground. Fight back to the feet where Loya is dominant striking with kicks and strikes. Alwag with a big slam followed by a big shots from top position. Alwag working for an armbar submission but Loya is able to push through and hold on until Alwag lets go of the hold.

Big body shot from Alwag. Head kick from Loya. Loya lands spinning back elbow. Alwag brings fight to the ground raining down strikes and elbows from top position and side control. Brief stop in action for unintentional strikes to the head from Alwag. Alwag deducted a point. Alwag drops Loya with a big strike jumping into top position landing shot after shot causing the referee to step in and stop the fight by TKO stoppage.

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