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Next weekend, Combate Americas‘ will be hosting one of their most anticipated fights of the year. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Tito Ortiz, will take on Alberto El Patrón, otherwise known as “Alberto Del Rio”, former WWE Wrestler and Champion.

As you might remember, we were there earlier this year in April when Tito Ortiz signed with Combate Americas. Then, a few months later, it was announced that his first opponent would be José Alberto Rodríguez.

And ALL is at stake here, LITERALLY!  According to Combate Americas

The two, who will face off at a 210-pound catchweight, have agreed to an unprecedented and historic “winner take all” title belt challenge. If Ortiz emerges victorious in the bout, he will take possession of El Patrón’s WWE title belt. If El Patrón wins the fight, however, Ortiz will relinquish possession of his UFC title belt to his opponent.

Quick Breakdown

Tito Ortiz

Alberto El Patrón

(Updated 12-02-2019)

Main Card

Tito Ortiz vs. Alberto “El Patrón” Rodriguez
Melissa Martinez vs. Desiree Yanez
Dani Barez vs. Joao Camilo
Levy Marroquin vs. Enrique Gonzalez
Gaston Reyno vs. Rey Trujillo
Dulce Garcia vs. Anali Lopez Hernandez


Jose Flores vs. Clarence Brown
Ricky Palacios vs. Jose Ceja
Victor Martinez vs. Luis Luna
Elias Urbina vs. Mike Tovar
Edmilson Freitas vs. Raymond Banda

Event Details

8 Scheduled Matches
Saturday, December 7th
8 pm EST | 7 pm CST | 5 pm PST


Payne Arena
2600 N 10th St
Hidalgo, TX 78557

How to Watch

Watch In-Person
Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com
Pricing starts at $30 and there are still a few seats left. Don't wait!
Pay Per View

Combate Americas is a Hispanic mixed martial arts (MMA) sports franchise and media company.

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