MMA Stalker 2019 Best Knockouts

We “stalked” over 200 fights, took over 100,000 photos, and captured countless hours of video for 2019 AND we still didn’t capture all there is to see in this state.  Here are a few knockouts from 2019!

Iron Boy MMA 14
Pro 265 lbs | Darrell Denslow vs Daviante Jones – Winner Daviante Jones
Amateur 155 lbs | Brock Hogan vs Osama Awadalla – Winner Brock Hogan

Iron Boy MMA 15
Amateur 125 lbs | An Ho vs Blass Gutierrez – Winner An Ho

WVR 1 (Muay Thai)
Muay Thai 140 lbs | Christian Natividad vs Terry Cartwright – Winner Christian Natividad

Iron Boy MMA 16
Amateur 155 lbs | Aiden Ingram vs Luigi Bisconti – Winner Aiden Ingram

Pro Title 265 lbs | Luis Cortez vs Tony Lopez – Tony Lopez – Winner Tony Lopez
Amateur 155 lbs | Antonio Garcia vs Marcus Finch – Antonio Garcia – Winner Antonio Garcia

Amateur 145 lbs | Ridge Harmon vs Zach Stewart – Ridge Harmon – Winner Ridge Harmon

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