MMA Stalker 2019 | Technical Knockouts Part 1

Let’s just call this the year of the TKO!¬† We’re dropping another highlight video for 2019. Part 1 of 2, technical knockouts! ūüĎä.¬† More to come, stay tuned!

‚ú®Rest in peace Vince Arredondo. It was an honor to see you fight.‚ú®

Highlight Clip Order

#1 РRUF MMA 30 РAmateur 130 lbs | Zezar Lopez wins by TKO Ground and Pound over Robert Shepardson
#2 РRUF MMA 30 РAmateur 265 lbs | Alonzo Alexander wins by TKO Strikes over Brandon Yandell
#3 РRUF MMA 30 РAmateur 185 lbs | Michael Schlageck wins by TKO Strikes over Jeff Thornton
#4 РRUF MMA 31 РAmateur 135 lbs | Kayla Yontef wins by TKO Strikes Referee Stoppage over Collette Santiago
#5 РIron Boy MMA 14 РAmateur 125 lbs | Isaiah Corzantes wins by TKO Strikes over Mike Mckeever
#6 РIron Boy MMA 14 РAmateur 125 lbs | Angelica Flores wins by TKO Strikes over Alexandra Castillo
#7 РIron Boy MMA 14 РPro 155 lbs | Vince Arredondo wins by TKO Strikes over Steve Coard
#8 РRUF MMA 32 РAmateur 200 lbs | Theodore Nunez wins by TKO Strikes over Stefan Park
#9 РIron Boy MMA 15 РAmateur 145 lbs | Estevan Ulibarri wins by TKO over Francisco Suarez
#10 РWFF 41 РAmateur 145 lbs | Jose Delgado wins by TKO over Coleman Griffith
#11 – WFF 41 – Amateur 155 lbs |¬†Chris O’Brien¬†wins by TKO over¬†Cesar Pineda
#12 РIron Boy MMA 16 РAmateur 125 lbs | Blass Gutierrez wins by TKO Strikes over Swar Boaththoughtthuthgal
#13 РIron Boy MMA 16 РAmateur 180 lbs | James Scott wins by TKO Strikes over Patrick Ayala
#14 РRUF MMA 34 РAmateur 155 lbs | Kingsley Amaechi wins by TKO via Strikes over Kentrell Coleman
#15 РRUF MMA 36 РAmateur Title 265 lbs | Sullivan Cauley wins by TKO Via Strikes over James Gomez
#16 РRUF MMA 36 РPro 135 lbs | Nick Alwag wins by TKO Via Strikes over Aaron Loya

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