MMA Stalker 2019 | Technical Knockouts Part 2

Awww yeah! We’re nearing the end of 2019 and heading into 2020.  We’re continuing to take a trip down memory lane.  Here’s part 2 of MMA Stalker’s 2019 TKO highlight clips!

Highlight Clip Order

1-RUF MMA 30 – Amateur 205 lbs | Theodore Nunez wins by TKO Strikes over Kody Auge Wayne
2-RUF MMA 30 – Amateur 130 lbs | Joseph Rivas wins by TKO Strikes over Jack Holyfield
3-RUF MMA 31 – Amateur 185 lbs | Michael Schlageck wins by TKO Strikes Referee Stoppage over Donovan Cross
4-RUF MMA 32 – Amateur 215 lbs | Kody Auge Wayne wins by TKO Strikes over Robert Edmiston
5-RUF MMA 32 – Amateur Title 205 lbs | Pete Rodriguez wins by TKO via Strikes over Michael Schlageck
6-RUF MMA 32 – Pro 145 lbs | Andres Ponce wins by TKO Strikes over Joe Gustina
7-RUF MMA 32 – Pro 175 lbs | Raymond Pina wins by TKO Strikes over Rafael Souza
8-WFF 41 – Amateur 185 lbs | Raul Martinez wins by TKO over Jacob De Zeeuw
9-WFF 41 – Amateur 265 lbs | Stefan Park wins by TKO over Niko Andrepoint
10-WFF 41 – Pro 150 lbs | Jefferey Wells-Thomas wins by TKO Doc Stoppage over Danny Hilton
11-RUF MMA 34 – Amateur 265 lbs | Austin Baker wins by TKO via Strikes over Keith Andreas
12-RUF MMA 36 – Amateur Title 185 lbs | Terry Lyles wins by TKO Via Strikes over Theodore Nunez
13-RUF MMA 36 – Pro 160 lbs | Travis Foster wins by TKO Via Strikes over Austin Wourms

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