RUF MMA 38 | Matthew Zazueta vs Chance Ikei

Throwing it back to RUF MMA38 – Amateur 135 lbs | Matthew Zazueta vs Chance Ikei. These fighters were brawlin’ and we’ve pulled some more photos to share! Check it.

Chance Ikei (Scottsdale, AZ) Fight Ready wins by TKO Via Strikes over Matthew Zazueta(Tempe, AZ) Fluid Martial Arts

Round Summaries

By Ricky Glover

Great striking put on display by both fighters early on but Ikei takes control landing several strikes on the feet and on the ground from top position.

One sided exchange on the feet in favor of Ikei. Several close stoppages due to lack of defense on the part of Zazueta. Referee steps in to stop the contest after a barrage of unanswered strikes from Ikei.

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