Who did it best? Submission via Rear Naked Choke...

Who did it best? 🤔 We’ve captured some great moments in the cage over the last few years.  Check out these submissions via rear naked choke!

1-RUF 26 | Brooks Callaghan vs George Sopi – Winner Brooks Callaghan
2-WFF 38 | Victor Tirado vs Paris Stanford – Winner Paris Stanford
3-WFF 39 | Anthony Gutierrez vs Humberto Duarte – Winner Humberto Duarte
4-Iron Boy MMA 13 | Terry Lyles vs Daniel Gray – Winner Terry Lyles
5-WVR 1 | Brian Doss vs Edgar Godoy – Winner Edgar Godoy
6-WFF Valiant College Prep | Quintin Shadle vs Coleman Griffith – Winner Coleman Griffith
7-Iron Boy MMA 16 | Zach Stewart vs Brad Steffens – Winner Zach Stewart

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