Who did it best? Submission via Arm Bar

Time for another “Who did it best?” post! We put things in order by date of event. Let us know your thoughts.
  • 1-Iron Boy MMA 9 – Amateur 125 lbs | Deric Flores wins by Submission via Arm Bar over Mike Owens
  • 2-RUF MMA 24 – Amateur 150 lbs | JT Vasquez wins by Submission via Arm Bar over Anthony Gary
  • 3-Iron Boy MMA 10 – Amateur 115 lbs | Mikaela Carpenter wins by Submission via Arm Bar over Triana Lynch
  • 4-RUF 26 – Amateur 155 lbs | Greg Foster wins by Submission via Arm Bar over Adrian Gonzales
  • 5-WFF Valiant College Prep Fight Night – Amateur 170 lbs | Jontae McCowan wins by Submission via Arm Bar over Luigi Bisconti
  • 6-Combate Americas / WFF – Pro 125 lbs | Jesus Rivas wins by Submission via Arm Bar over Humberto Duarte
  • 7-WVR 2 – Jiu-Jitsu 110 lbs | Christian Compian wins by Submission via Arm Bar over James Ferguson
  • 8-RUF MMA 38 – Amateur 135 lbs | Seth Wheeler wins by Submission via Arm Bar over Ian Miller

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