WVR | Heel Hooks and Ankle Locks

These photos definitely make us feel squeamish. Sharing our black and white collection of submissions from West Valley Rumble!


WVR 1 – June 8, 2019
#25 Jiu-Jitsu 140 lbs | Seth Wheeler (Arizona) Arizona Combat Sports wins by Submission via Heel Hook over Kevin Duran (Arizona) Ares Nava BJJ
#35 Jiu-Jitsu 180 lbs | Joe Murphy (No Info) The MMA Lab wins by Submission via Heel hook over Guilherme Neves (Arizona) Soul Fighters
WVR2 – November 19, 2019
#28 Jiu-Jitsu 145 lbs | Kevin Duran (Arizona) Ares Nava BJJ wins by Submission Via Heel Hook over Paul Bachkabian (Arizona) Tri City Jiu Jitsu
#35 Jiu-Jitsu 160 lbs | Tim Klein (Arizona) 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu (Phoenix) wins by Submission Via Heel Hook over Korey Kerber (Arizona) Ares BJJ
WVR2 – November 19, 2019
#7 8-Man Grand Prix Quarterfinal 170 lbs | Zach O’Malley (Arizona) Gillette Jiu Jitsu wins by Submission Via Ankle Lock over Asinobi Iwuajoku (Arizona) Team Megaton
#33 Jiu-Jitsu 165 lbs | Princeton Jackson (Phoenix, AZ) Dragon Snake MMA wins by Submission Via Ankle Lock over Stephen Armijo (Arizona) Undisputed

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