MMA Stalker Fighter Highlight Video for November 2020

An Tuan Ho

MMA Stalker’s Amateur Fighter of the month is An Tuan Ho. We’re dropping a highlight video and photos from fights we’ve stalked. 

#1 – Iron Boy MMA 13 – Amateur 125 lbs – An Tuan Ho vs Asa Stock | An wins via RNC

#2 – Iron Boy MMA 15 – Amateur 125 lbs – An Tuan Ho vs Blass Gutierrez | An wins via KO

#3 – Iron Boy MMA 16 – Amateur 130 lbs – Justin Jacobs vs An Tuan Ho | An wins via RNC

#4 – RUF MMA 36 – Amateur Title 125 lbs – Antonio Ruiz vs An Tuan Ho | An wins via unanimous decision

#5 – RUF MMA 38 – Amateur Title 125 lbs – Joseph Rivas vs An Tuan Ho | An wins via RNC

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