RUF 41 Fight Recap | Roman Salazar vs Cody Huard

Roman Salazar and Cody Huard clashed for three bloody rounds until finally coming to an end with a KO finish.

Round Summaries

by Ricky Glover

Round 1 | Salazar drops Huard with a big shot and immediately jumps on top into full guard. Salazar looking to transition throwing shots to help aid his attempts to pass into a more dominant position. Salazar stands up allowing Huard to get up bringing the action back to the feet. Salazar bleeding from a cut sustained from the ground exchange earlier in the round.

Round 2 | Huard landing some big shots up top to begin round. Salazar with a big double leg takedown to bring action to the ground. Salazar working to pass from full guard. Huard was briefly able to fend off Salazar but wasn’t able to get back to his feet. Salazar is able to evade Huard’s up-kicks to get back in full guard. Salazar lands some big shots from guard. Action gets back to the feet as Salazar finds some success throwing combinations opened up by a body kick and kicks to the leg.

Round 3 | Big shot from Huard causes Salazar to fall back and slip but Salazar quickly pops back up to his feet. Both fighters finding some success on the feet each landing big shots. Salazar with some superman punches and Huard with looping haymakers. Salazar drops and hurts Huard after a combination causing the referee to step in and end the bout.

Salazar wins by KO over Huard in 2:54 of round 3.

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