World Fighting Federation Upcoming Event

#WFF43 in Prescott, Arizona

World Fighting Federation returns Friday, August 13, 2021 to Prescott, Arizona at the Findlay Toyota Center! It’s been over a year since their last event.  The card is coming together nicely, with Derrick Brown and Bret Cooper as the main event.

Here’s what we know about the fight card so far.

Fight Card

**Fight Card Subject to Change**

#1 – Amateur 145 lbs | Parker Coughlin vs Deshawn White
#2 – Amateur 135 lbs | Zane Davis vs Patrick Quick
#3 – Amateur 170 lbs | Chris Sandoval vs Mark Geiger
#4 – Amateur 145 lbs | Kyle Overman vs Jacob Armenta
#5 – Amateur 145 lbs | Collette Santiago vs Zurina Turrey
#6 – Amateur 145 lbs | Tyler Lanham vs Dakota Munro
#7 – Amateur 265 lbs | Brooks Van Ness vs Bradley Burston
#8 – Amateur 115 lbs | Quinn Williams vs Eymie Moreno
#9 – Amateur 145 lbs | Chris O’Brien vs Jovan Ravango
#10 – Pro 145 lbs | Greg Foster vs Andrew Freelove
#11 – Amateur 145 lbs | Carolyn Gerhardt vs Kelli Lemons Weichmann
#12 – Pro 145 lbs | Moses Diaz vs Cody Huard
#13 – Pro 155 lbs | Derrick Brown vs Bret Cooper

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