EPIC Fighting 47 | Weigh-ins & Fight Card

We traveled to San Diego, California to check out EPIC Fighting’s last event of the season! The weigh-in took place this morning, Friday October 29th, and the fights begin at 8 PM PST tonight!

Fight Card

#1 – Amateur 145 lbs | Quest Truxton vs Josh Cervantes
#2 – Amateur 150 lbs | Cody Warner vs Daniel Reyes
#3 – Amateur 155 lbs | Alonso Lopez vs Tristan Quidachay
#4 – Amateur 185 lbs | Zach Froese vs Travis Wuerth
#5 – Amateur 185 lbs | Idris Niiazi vs Anthony Orozco
#6 – Amateur 145 lbs | Victor Rivera vs Ian Miller
#7 – Amateur 125 lbs | Keoni Terorotua vs Miguel Ceja
#8 – Amateur 135 lbs | Robert Gamboa vs Brandon Dwyer
#9 – Amateur 265 lbs | Joey Beatriz vs Omar El-Sahlah
#10 – Amateur 205 lbs | Chace Eskam vs Mark Young
#11 – Amateur 155 lbs | Leon Shlemoon vs Anthony DeSilva

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