RUF 46 Official Weigh-ins, Updated Fight Card, and Photos!

RUF Nation is back with their first event for 2022, RUF 46! Weigh-ins took place at The Golden Margarita in Phoenix, AZ. Official weights and the updated fight card are up, as are fighter photos and face-offs.

Fight Card

#1 – Amateur 145 lbs | Antron Petty (144.9 lbs) (Tempe, AZ) vs Tim Carrillo (143.7 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) Blackhouse MMA
#2 – Amateur 185 lbs | Alex Barreras (181.8 lbs) (Flagstaff, AZ) Hitman FIghting Systems  Evan Hunt (182.4) (Phoenix, AZ) 12th St Jiu Jitsu
#3 – Amateur 265 lbs | Micheal Quarcoo (263.1 lbs) (Arizona) Legion MMA vs Casey Edwards (249.7 lbs) (Tempe, AZ) Dragon Snake MMA
#4 – Amateur 135 lbs | Patrick Quick Jr (134.4 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) Bakers MMA & Fitness vs Noah De La Calzada (135.0 lbs) (Las Vegas, NV) Andrada Muay Thai 
#5 – Amateur 135 lbs | Deshawn White (135.1 lbs) (Tucson, AZ) Torotech MMA vs Artis Lyles (133.6 lbs) (Las Vegas, NV) Extreme Couture
#6 – Amateur 125 lbs | Antonio Ruiz (124.7 lbs) (Surprise, AZ) Proving Ground vs Calvin Dunning (123.5 lbs) (Arizona) All Night Striking
#7 – Amateur 135 lbs | Roderick Aygeman (134.0 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) The MMA Lab vs Eduardo Garcia (133.8 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) Pro Edge Boxing
#8 – Amateur 135 lbs | Zurina Turrey (140.2 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) Legion MMA vs Angelica Flores (144.7 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) Driven Boxing & MMA
#9 – Amateur Title 185 lbs | Brooks Callaghan (184.4 lbs) (Blythe, CA) Adrian’s Boxing Gym vs Tristan Mordecai (183.7 lbs) (Tucson, Arizona) Northside BJJ
#10 – Amateur 265 lbs | Bradley Burston (260.3 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) Legion MMA vs Patrick Baughman (208.7 lbs) (Lake Havasu City, AZ) Fiores Endorphin Factory
#11 – Pro 145 lbs | Jose Delgado (145.2 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) The MMA Lab vs JJ Nelson (141.5 lbs) (Lake Havasu City, AZ) Fiores Endorphin Factory
#12 – Pro 265 lbs | Cameron Chism (262.2 lbs) (Williams Port, Pennsylvania) Shark’s Cage MMA vs Yimaz Wildman (262.2 lbs) (St Louis, Missouri) St. Charles MMA
#13 – Pro 265 lbs | Irvins Ayala (250.5 lbs) (Riverside, CA) Carlson Gracie Riverside vs Terrance Jean-Jacques (237.8 lbs) (Groveland, MA) Bone Squad

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