Valkyrie FC 1 MMA Weigh-in Results and Photos

We’re ready to stalk Valkyrie’s first inaugural event for the promotion.  We’ll see four youth bouts followed by 6 main event bouts, with two titles on the line! Check it!

Fight Card and Weigh-in Results

#1 – 110 lbs | Shayla Bates (109.0 lbs), Kihon MMA vs Leila Witzerman (102.6 lbs), Six Blades MMA
#2 – 110 lbs | Lariah Gill (109.0 lbs), Hernandez Kickboxing vs Ayana Contreras (101.4 lbs), Riverside Submission
#3 – 130 lbs | Andrea Frisque (128.0 lbs), Kihon MMA vs Daisy Barraza (120.6 lbs), Riverside Submission
#4 – 104 lbs | Isabella Campos (104.8 lbs), Hernandez Kickboxing vs Jayden Murillo (95.2 lbs), Riverside Submission
#5 – 125 lbs | Liav Cloughley (125.2 lbs) (San Diego, CA) Team Parusa vs Madelynne Wade (123.6 lbs) (Lakeside, CA) Sound Defense Training Center
#6 – 155 lbs | Amanda Asprion (161.0 lbs) (San Diego, CA) vs Shaquita Woods (156.8 lbs) (Lakewood, CA) Bodyshop
#7 – 145 lbs | Estefania Cobos (140.0 lbs) (San Agustin, Ja) Lobo Gym vs Kelli Wiechmann (138.4 lbs) (Phoenix, AZ) Legion MMA
#8 – 115 lbs | Charlotte Craig (112.6 lbs) (Laguna Beach, CA) Classic Fight Team vs Carli Lombardo (112.6 lbs) (Oakley, CA) Team Black MMA
#9 – 145 lbs Title | Hannah Thornton (141.8 lbs) (San Diego, CA) Team Parusa vs Angela Sanchez (144.8 lbs) (Moreno Valley, CA) Supa MMA
#10 – 145 lbs Title | Keana Montenegro (146.4 lbs) (Menifee, CA) Carlson Gracie Riverside vs Laurynn Garcia (154.4 lbs) (San Marcos, California) Excel Jiu Jitsu MMA & Fitness

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