Cage Series 5 Weigh-In Wrap-Up: The Fighters, The Stakes, The Excitement

As the sun dipped below the horizon in Tucson, the electric anticipation for tomorrow’s ‘Rise of the Prospects: Cage Series 5’ event became palpable. Weigh-ins buzzed with the energy of fighters stepping onto the scales — their focused gaze a testament to the months of preparation leading to this moment. Today, Friday, November 3rd, we witnessed the intensity and dedication of these athletes during the official weigh-in event. Here’s a sneak peek at the warriors defining their legacy in tomorrow’s showdown.
The ritual of the weigh-in is a cornerstone of fight preparations, setting the stage for what is to be an electrifying event. As fighters stepped on and off the scale, the crackle of the camera shutters captured more than just images; they encapsulated stories of grit, sacrifice, and unwavering resolve.
Tomorrow, these athletes will step into the cage, but today they proved that their fight begins long before the bell rings. Each competitor’s stance conveyed not just their readiness to engage in physical combat but also the mental warfare that precedes the physical encounter.

Fight Card

Amateur 145 lbs | Julian Samoy vs Gabe Elias
Amateur 125 lbs | Benaiah Reyna vs Austin Collins
Amateur 135 lbs | Matt Mejia vs Josh Martinez
Amateur 130 lbs | Ulises Valenzuela vs Austin Wheeler
Amateur 125 lbs | Samuel Ortiz vs Tony Hernandez
Amateur 135 lbs | Julio Escamilla Jr vs Adrian Munoz
Amateur 105 lbs | Melissa Sanabia vs Lexxi Moncada
Amateur 205 lbs | Christopher Tahbo vs Russell Thierry
Amateur 155 lbs | Derek Freda vs Michael Lulling
Amateur 165 lbs | Victor Santillan vs Mike Kennedy
Amateur 135 lbs | Calvin Dunning vs Blake Listello
Amateur 170 lbs | Luke LA Vanway vs Tristan Mordecai
Title Fights
Amateur Title 155 lbs | Adrian Galindo vs Isaiah Figueroa
Amateur Title 145 lbs | Kurt Tanael vs Matthew Sabelhaus
Amateur Title 170 lbs | Jared Whittler vs Sebastian Mordecai
Tomorrow’s fights promise a display of technique, heart, and the raw desire to rise as the next prospect in the world of mixed martial arts. The Rialto Theatre will not only be a witness to bouts but will become a crucible where the mettle of these fighters will be tested and legends may be born.

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, November 4th
  • Venue: Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ
  • Doors Open: 4:30 PM
  • First Match: 6:00 PM
Be sure to arrive early to soak in the atmosphere and support the passion of these emerging athletes. The cage awaits, and the rise of prospects is imminent. Tomorrow, the theatre of combat will unveil stories of triumph and tribulation, but tonight, we revel in the quiet before the storm. The warriors have made weight, the stage is set, and the tale of Cage Series 5 is ready to unfold.
Join us at the Rialto Theatre — where futures are forged and fighting spirits shine the brightest.

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