Comparing and Contrasting the Fighting Styles of Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira

By Steven Boardman

Image Credit: UFC

Fight Analysis

The upcoming UFC 303 matchup between Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira promises to be a thrilling clash of contrasting fighting styles. Prochazka, known for his unorthodox, fluid, and aggressive striking, brings a unique blend of traditional martial arts and modern MMA techniques to the octagon. On the other hand, Pereira’s technical, powerful, and precise striking, honed through an extensive kickboxing background, presents a formidable challenge. As we delve into their striking prowess, ground game capabilities, and overall fight IQ, it becomes clear that this bout is set to be a fascinating battle of unpredictability versus precision, with both fighters eager to prove their dominance.


Jiri Prochazka:

  • Style: Unorthodox, fluid, aggressive.
  • Strengths: Prochazka is known for his unpredictable striking, with a mix of traditional martial arts and modern MMA techniques. His aggressive forward pressure and unique angles make him a dangerous opponent.
  • Weaknesses: His unconventional style can sometimes leave him open to counterattacks, as his defense is not as tight as more traditional strikers.


Alex Pereira:

  • Style: Technical, powerful, precise.
  • Strengths: Pereira’s striking is highly technical, stemming from his extensive kickboxing background. He possesses knockout power, especially with his left hook, and maintains excellent distance control.
  • Weaknesses: While his striking is topnotch, his transitions into MMA striking and overall defense need continuous adaptation to the diverse challenges of MMA.

Ground Game

Jiri Prochazka:

  • Style: Opportunistic and evolving.
  • Strengths: Prochazka has shown a developing ground game, using his physicality to his advantage. He is capable of defending takedowns and exploiting ground opportunities with his powerful ground and pound.
  • Weaknesses: His grappling is still a work in progress compared to his striking, and he can be vulnerable against elite grapplers.


Alex Pereira:

  • Style: Basic but improving.
  • Strengths: Pereira has made strides in his grappling, particularly in takedown defense, thanks to his training in Brazilian jiu jitsu. He can keep fights standing where he is most dangerous.
  • Weaknesses: Pereira’s ground game remains his weaker point, especially against seasoned MMA wrestlers and grapplers.

Fight IQ and Adaptability

Jiri Prochazka:

  • Strengths: High fight IQ with an ability to adapt midfight. His unpredictability often throws opponents off their game plans.
  • Weaknesses: His risk taking approach can sometimes backfire, putting him in dangerous situations.


Alex Pereira:

  • Strengths: Tactical and patient, Pereira picks his shots and adjusts his strategy effectively during fights. His experience in high level kickboxing matches has honed his decision making under pressure.
  • Weaknesses: Adapting fully to MMA strategies is still ongoing, and he can sometimes be overly cautious, limiting his offensive output.

Final Thoughts

Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira bring distinct fighting styles to their anticipated matchup at UFC 303. Prochazka’s unorthodox and aggressive striking contrasts with Pereira’s technical and powerful approach. On the ground, Prochazka’s evolving grappling meets Pereira’s improving but basic skills. Their fight will be a fascinating clash of styles, with Prochazka’s unpredictability clashing with Pereira’s precision and power.

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