Epic 52 Weigh-Ins and Photos: Fighters Ready for Battle

MMA fans, it’s time to get excited because the weigh-ins and photos for Epic 52 are now live! On February 17, these amateur fighters will step into the ring for some of the most intense battles yet. From Trevon Stubbs Ashley vs Alan Alvarez to title fights between Scott Denarola and Daniel Reyes, and Jonathan Wilson and Santiago Luna, this event is sure to be a knockout. Catch the fighters in action through these exclusive photos and videos and be sure to mark your calendars for Epic 52.

Fight Cards

1 – Amateur 170 lbs | Eduardo Barbosa vs Cody Walton
2 – Amateur 155 lbs | David Morales vs Gustavo Zuniga
3 – Amateur 155 lbs | Evan Boston-Angel vs Devon Barrett
4 – Amateur 155 lbs | Chris Perez vs Zacarias Venegas
6 – Amateur 155 lbs | Aaron Acevedo vs Sky Knackstedt
7 – Amateur 130 lbs | Nathan Hawthorne vs Alec Martinez
8 – Amateur 170 lbs | Dean Sherry vs Phillip A Crochen
9 – Amateur 145 lbs | Nate Jarquin vs Ian Miller
10 – Amateur 170 lbs | Trevon Stubbs Ashley vs Alan Alvarez
11 – Amateur Title 145 lbs | Scott Denarola vs Daniel Reyes
12 – Amateur Title 135 lbs | Jonathan Wilson vs Santiago Luna
13 – Amateur 185 lbs | Xavier Silva vs Hector Albanez

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