Epic 53 Weigh-In Results and Fight Card

San Diego is set to witness some exhilarating MMA action tonight at Epic 53, a much-anticipated event by Epic Fighting. Today’s weigh-ins set the stage for what promises to be a night filled with high-octane clashes. Let’s dive straight into the results.

Weigh-in Results

In the Bantamweight division, Jorge Carmona from Fight Capital tipped the scale at 134.2 lbs and is set to face off against Gilberto Millan from White Tiger who came in right on target at 135 lbs.
In the Lightweight category, Brandon Verdugo from Intensity MMA and Chris Ellis from One Legacy Training Center were almost identically weighed, at 155.4 lbs and 155.6 lbs, respectively.
Interestingly, Hector Albanez from Intensity MMA weighed in significantly heavier at 185.9 lbs against his Lightweight competitor, Zach Brewer from Nighthawks who weighed in at 183.7 lbs.
At the Welterweight level, Brandon Moreno from The Arena and Angel Garcia from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu (San Diego) weighed in at 172.2 lbs and 170.9 lbs, respectively.
The Flyweight division will witness a clash between Jorge Ortega from Team Quest and Adam Haltom, an independent fighter. Ortega weighed slightly heavy at 127.8 lbs, while Haltom came in at 133.7 lbs.
For the women’s Flyweight category, Alexis Perez from Team Overtime is set to fight Edith Gutierrez from Capistrano Boxing. Perez weighed in at 129.8 lbs, slightly above Gutierrez who came in at 127.2 lbs.
In the Cruiserweight division, Jarred Fiorda from Team Quest and Xavier Silva from Silva Jiu Jitsu Academy were pretty evenly matched at 198.6 lbs and 199.4 lbs, respectively.
In the Featherweight division, Josh Cervantes from MMA Personal Training and Gavin Pejakovich from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Oceanside were almost identical on the scale, weighing in at 145.2 lbs and 145.7 lbs, respectively.
Meanwhile, in another Lightweight bout, Christopher Jorden from Victory MMA & Fitness weighed in at 156.4 lbs, quite heavier than Nicholas Welch from Hellfire MMA, who came in at 147.3 lbs.
In another Featherweight match, Tristan Quidachay from Team Parusa and Abraham Agudo from One Legacy Training Center both weighed in heavy at 149 lbs and 149.3 lbs, respectively.
In the Lightweight title fight, Laurynn Garcia from Excel Jiu Jitsu MMA & Fitness and Jaelene Robledo from Supa MMA both came in heavy, at 157 lbs and 160 lbs, respectively.
The Welterweight title fight will see Jon Brumley from Team Quest and Alan Alvarez from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu (San Diego) face off, with weights of 170.1 lbs and 171.8 lbs, respectively.
Troy Rallings from Todd Medina Fight School and Larry Price from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu (San Diego) weighed in at 183.6 lbs and 185 lbs, respectively, for their Middleweight fight.
At the Light Heavyweight level, Alex Arechiga from Intensity MMA will face off against Artur Yun from Nighthawks, with weights of 202.8 lbs and 201 lbs, respectively.
Finally, in the Featherweight division, Johnny Arreola from The Arena and Daniel Sanchez from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Oceanside weighed in at 136.4 lbs and 139.5

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As the dust settles from today’s weigh-in, the stage is set for an electrifying evening of fights at the Four Points Sheraton in San Diego, CA. From featherweight to light heavyweight and featuring two title fights, MMA fans will get their money’s worth at Epic 53. Don’t miss your chance to see this spectacle live. Tickets are still available and can be purchased directly through the link on our fight page on our website. Join us for a night of intense competition and showcasing of martial arts talent. We look forward to seeing you there!

Fight Card

1 – 135 lbs | Jorge Carmona (134.2 lbs) Fight Capital vs Gilberto Millan (135 lbs) White Tiger
2 – 155 lbs | Brandon Verdugo (155.4 lbs) Intensity MMA vs Chris Ellis (155.6 lbs) One Legacy Training Center
3 – 155 lbs | Hector Albanez (185.9 lbs) Intensity MMA vs Zach Brewer (183.7 lbs) Nighthawks
4 – 170 lbs | Brandon Moreno (172.2 lbs) The Arena vs Angel Garcia (170.9 lbs) 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu (San Diego)
5 – 125 lbs | Jorge Ortega (127.8 lbs) Team Quest vs Adam Haltom (133.7 lbs) Independent
6 – 125 lbs | Alexis Perez (129.8 lbs) Team Overtime vs Edith Gutierrez (127.2 lbs) Capistrano Boxing
7 – 200 lbs | Jarred Fiorda (198.6 lbs) Team Quest vs Xavier Silva (199.4 lbs) Silva Jiu Jitsu Academy
8 – 145 lbs | Josh Cervantes (145.2 lbs) MMA Personal Training vs Gavin Pejakovich (145.7 lbs) 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Oceanside
9 – 155 lbs | Christopher Jorden (156.4 lbs) Victory MMA & Fitness vs Nicholas Welch (147.3 lbs) Hellfire MMA
10 – 145 lbs | Tristan Quidachay (149 lbs) Team Parusa vs Abraham Agudo (149.3 lbs) One Legacy Training Center
11 – 155 lbs Title  | Laurynn Garcia (157 lbs) Excel Jiu Jitsu MMA & Fitness vs Jaelene Robledo (160 lbs) Supa MMA
12 – 170 lbs Title  | Jon Brumley (170.1 lbs) Team Quest vs Alan Alvarez (171.8 lbs) 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu (San Diego)
13 – 185 lbs | Troy Rallings (183.6 lbs) Todd Medina Fight School vs Larry Price (185 lbs) 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu (San Diego)
14 – 205 lbs | Alex Arechiga (202.8 lbs) Intensity MMA vs Artur Yun (201 lbs) Nighthawks
15 – 145 lbs | Johnny Arreola (136.4 lbs) The Arena vs Daniel Sanchez (139.5 lbs) 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Oceanside

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