Epic 56 Weigh-Ins: Tensions Rise as Fighters Tip the Scales

The atmosphere was electric this morning in San Diego, California, as fighters stepped onto the scales for the official weigh-ins of Epic Fighting 56. With the anticipation building for tonight’s showdowns, each athlete showcased their dedication and readiness, setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable evening of martial arts competition.
The card is stacked with talent across various weight classes, ranging from the agile 125-pounders to the powerhouse 265-pound division. The weigh-in was a smooth affair, with fighters not only making weight but also taking the opportunity to face off with their opponents, offering a preview of the intensity we can expect in the cage.
In the flyweight division, Henry Esquivies (@henry_squiviis_giacalone) tipped the scales at 124.6 lbs, looking ready to take on Alec Martinez who weighed in at 120.7 lbs. The heavyweight clash between Jake Weirich and Israel Boole (@the_lamb_lion) also drew significant attention, with Weirich hitting 261.5 lbs and Boole at a solid 244.0 lbs.
The lightweight bout features Aidan Salazar (@aidansalazarofficial) at 155.9 lbs facing off against Nicholas Welch (@calitangerine), who came in at 152.5 lbs. Diego Gonzalez and Cody Price (@cocoswildride) are set to compete in the featherweight division, weighing in at 144.0 lbs and 145.5 lbs, respectively.
The middleweight and light heavyweight divisions are not to be overlooked, with fighters like Joel Barrett, Zach Brewer (@zachattackmma), John McCain (@j__mccain), and Ephraim Ash (@ephraimtheflamingswordash) showcasing their readiness for battle. The super heavyweight bout between Jordan Jones (@j.jones__95) and Antonio Rosales (@the_last_war_chief) is particularly anticipated, given their impressive physiques and fighting prowess.
As we move down the card, fighters like Yusuf Esembaev, Angel Garcia (@angelgarcia010748), Danil Leontev, Victor Verdugo (@v_verdugo1), Audric De Castro, and Hung Nguyen (@hqnguyenmma, @itshungnguyen) all made weight, signaling thrilling matchups across the board.
The evening will be highlighted by two title fights. In the middleweight division, Xavier Silva (@iamxaviersilva) is set to battle Dean Sherry (@deansherryy), with both fighters showcasing championship condition. The featherweight title bout between Daniel Reyes (@daniel_reyes277) and Isaac Verdugo (@isaac.v.) is also highly anticipated, with both athletes coming in under the limit and looking sharp.
As we countdown to the first bell at 8pm tonight, the excitement is palpable. For those who haven’t secured their spot yet, tickets are still available at Purple Pass. If you can’t make it in person, don’t miss the chance to catch all the action live by streaming at Epic Fighting Live. This is one event you won’t want to miss!

Weigh-in Results

1 – Amateur 125 lbs | Henry Esquivies @henry_squiviis_giacalone (124.6 lbs) vs Alec Martinez (120.7 lbs)
2 – Amateur 265 lbs | Jake Weirich (261.5 lbs) vs Israel Boole @the_lamb_lion (244.0 lbs)
3 – Amateur 155 lbs | Aidan Salazar @aidansalazarofficial (155.9 lbs) vs Nicholas Welch @calitangerine (152.5 lbs)
4 – Amateur 145 lbs | Diego Gonzalez (144.0 lbs) vs Cody Price @cocoswildride (145.5 lbs)
5 – Amateur 185 lbs | Joel Barrett (184.5 lbs) vs Zach Brewer @zachattackmma (185.9 lbs)
6 – Amateur 215 lbs | John McCain @j__mccain (213.7 lbs) vs Ephraim Ash @ephraimtheflamingswordash (214.0 lbs)
7 – Amateur 170 lbs | Angel Garcia @angelgarcia010748 (170.2 lbs) vs Yusuf Esembaev (171.0 lbs)
8 – Amateur 180 lbs | Danil Leontev (177.9 lbs) vs Victor Verdugo @v_verdugo1 (176.0 lbs)
9 – Amateur 265 lbs | Jordan Jones @j.jones__95 (256.5 lbs) vs Antonio Rosales @the_last_war_chief (275.0 lbs)
10 – Amateur 135 lbs | Audric De Castro (135.0 lbs) vs Hung Nguyen @hqnguyenmma @itshungnguyen (134.3 lbs)
11 – Amateur 185 lbs | Xavier Silva @iamxaviersilva (184.8 lbs) vs Dean Sherry @deansherryy (183.2 lbs)
12 – Amateur 145 lbs | Daniel Reyes @daniel_reyes277 (143.6 lbs) vs Isaac Verdugo @_isaac.v._ (142.3 lbs)

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