Fight Night Preview: RUF 57's Full Fight Card and Weigh-in Recap

As the anticipation builds for RUF Nation’s upcoming event, RUF 57 has officially completed its weigh-ins, setting the stage for an electrifying night of mixed martial arts action. Fans and fighters alike gathered to witness the final preparations before the big night, and the energy was palpable.

The fight card for RUF 57 is as follows:

Fight Card

  1. Amateur 135 lbs | Everett Evans vs Anthony Chung
  2. Amateur 140 lbs | Alex Nevarez vs Blake Listello
  3. Amateur 125 lbs | Dherek Abernathy vs Roderick Aygeman
  4. Amateur 125 lbs | Tony Hernandez vs Josh Cruz
  5. Amateur 145 lbs | Enrique Barcenas vs Caden Cox
  6. Amateur Title 185 lbs | Marcus Nash vs Nasis Worthy
  7. Pro 175 lbs | Zane Darlington vs Anthony Camacho
  8. Pro 170 lbs | Austin Clayton vs Aaron Sutterfield
  9. Pro 155 lbs | Cristobal Renteria vs Aireon Tavarres

The weigh-in event was more than just a procedural checkpoint; it was a showcase of the dedication and hard work these athletes have put into their preparation. The fighters made weight, signifying their readiness and commitment to the competition.

The evening’s highlights included the face-offs, where fighters stood toe-to-toe, giving fans a taste of the intensity to come.

RUF 57 is not just a platform for the seasoned professionals but also a spotlight for the amateurs who are carving their path in the MMA world. The title fight in the amateur 185 lbs category between Marcus Nash and Nasis Worthy is particularly anticipated for its promise of high stakes and fierce competition.

With the weigh-ins concluded and the fight card set, RUF 57 is poised to deliver an unforgettable night of fights. Whether you’re a fan of striking or grappling, this event promises to cater to all tastes with its diverse lineup. Stay tuned for event coverage, results, and post-fight analysis of RUF 57.

Cancelled Bouts

Amateur 135 lbs | Julius Vega vs Neyland Marcum
Amateur 145 lbs | Eric Aguilar vs Eitan Kagan
Pro 145 lbs | Angel Atoigue vs Calob Ramirez

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