From Knockouts to Titles: The Ultimate Recap of HFN 14

November 18, 2023, turned out to be a thrilling evening at Dan Henderson’s Fight Night, where the stars of tomorrow stepped into the cage to display their mettle and fight for glory. Although we’re catching up a bit late, the buzz from HFN 14 in Temecula, CA is still very much alive as we bring you a recap filled with decisive wins, technical knockouts, and slick submissions that would make any MMA enthusiast sit on the edge of their seat.

Fight Results

A Strategic Victory in the Flyweight Division
The evening kicked off with Kimberly Peterson (@kimbotron) clinching a hard-fought victory against Sarah Valencia in the 130 lb category. Demonstrating superior strategy and stamina, Peterson earned a unanimous decision from the judges, with all three scorecards reading 29-28 in her favor.

Explosive Power at Light Heavyweight
The 195 lb bout was a display of sheer power as Jaime Nunez (@nunezj_2001) made quick work of Chase Liedel, securing a TKO via strikes just 1 minute and 50 seconds into the first round, showcasing his formidable striking skills.

Technical Prowess in the Bantamweight Clash
In the 135 lb category, Chance Snyder (@chance_snyder) faced off against Yazen Wekhyan in a bout that went the distance. Snyder’s technical precision and control earned him a unanimous decision, with scores of 29-28 twice and a 30-27.

Heavyweight Havoc
The heavyweight division saw Ricky Garcia (@rickygarcia_79) overpower Jacob Birau, leading to a TKO via referee stoppage at just 44 seconds into the second round, highlighting Garcia’s dominant strength and aggression.

Welterweight Warrior
Trevon Stubbs Ashley (@tre_trainin_saiyan) showcased his skills and determination in the 170 lb division, winning by unanimous decision against David Morales with all judges scoring the bout 29-28 in his favor.

A Swift Submission at Featherweight
Brandon McArdle (@brandonmcardle_23) demonstrated his grappling expertise in the 145 lb bout, securing a victory over Muhammad Umar with an impeccably executed armbar submission at the 1-minute mark of the first round.

Lightweight Championship Showdown
In a gripping title fight, Leon Shlemoon (@kingshlemoon) showcased his championship mettle in the 155 lb division, battling it out against Eric Leandro in a match that tested the limits of both fighters. It was Shlemoon’s resilience and strategic submission skills that finally paid off, securing a victory via a rear naked choke at 1:42 of the final round, earning him the prestigious lightweight title.

Featherweight Title Clash
The featherweight title bout was a spectacle of skill and determination, as Devin Gallardo (@devin_blake) took on Cody Warner in a contest that kept fans on their toes until the last bell. In a match where every round was fiercely contested, Gallardo edged out Warner by split decision, with the judges’ scorecards reading 20-27, 30-27, and 29-28, clinching the featherweight championship in a battle that will be remembered for its intensity and competitive spirit.

Fight Photos

The energy of the night was captured in vivid photographs, showcasing the intensity and emotion of the fighters as well as the roaring crowd, truly encapsulating the spirit of HFN 14.

Despite the delay, these moments are timeless, and the achievements of these amateur fighters serve as stepping stones to what could be promising careers in MMA. As they continue to train and evolve, we’ll be watching closely to see who will emerge as the next standout star.

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