Harley-Davidson San Diego Turns Fight Central - VFC 3 Recap!

In the heart of San Diego, amidst vintage motorcycles and iconic old-school cars, we witnessed an exhilarating evening of MMA at the Valkyrie Fighting Championship’s VFC 3. The night was as beautiful as the fights were intense, setting a new standard for what a fight night should be.

The youth division set the bar high with Alyssa Campos securing two resounding victories. The first win came against Harper Matthews, with Campos showing exceptional grappling skills to submit Matthews via armbar at 1:23 of round two. In her second fight, she demonstrated her resilience by earning a Majority Decision over Sophia Martin. Her sister, Isabella Campos, wasn’t to be outdone. She showed class and agility in her fight against Jayden Murillo, winning by Unanimous Decision.

On to the amateur circuit, the powerful Karina Arana left an impression by ending her fight with a stunning KO via head kick, besting Angela Sanchez just 37 seconds into round two.

In the title fights, spectators were treated to a show of tactical and physical prowess. Abigail Alvarez dominated her fight against Keilani Ahsoon, winning by TKO via ground and pound at just 1:18 of round one, claiming the 115 lbs Amateur Title. Jaeleen Robledo displayed her superior grappling skills and made quick work of Breona Vaughn, winning via submission through armbar at 2:09 of round two, and secured the 165 lbs Amateur Title.

With these memorable victories, VFC 3 undeniably left its mark on MMA’s ever-evolving landscape.

Fight Results

1 – Youth 135 lbs | Alyssa Campos wins by Submission via armbar over Harper Matthews at 1:23 of round 2
2 – Youth 115 lbs | Isabella Campos wins by Unanimous Decision over Jayden Murillo
3 – Youth 133 lbs | Alyssa Campos wins by Majority Decision over Sophia Martin
4 – Amateur 135 lbs | Karina Arana wins by KO via head kick over Angela Sanchez at 0:37 of round 2
5 – Amateur Title 115 lbs | Abigail Alvarez wins by TKO via ground and pound over Keilani Ahsoon at 1:18 of round 1
6 – Amateur Title 165 lbs | Jaeleen Robledo wins by Submission via armbar over Breona Vaughn at 2:09 of round 2

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