Hendo's Fight Night 12: Weigh-In Results and a Night of Amateur MMA Awaiting

Hendo’s Fight Night’s 12 is upon us, and MMAStalker.com is here to provide all the exclusive weigh-in details and what to expect in tonight’s action-packed bouts.

The fighters took to the scales at Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center, showcasing their readiness and excitement for the impending fights. This stunning facility in the heart of Temecula, CA, will also be the battleground where tonight’s action unfolds. Doors will swing open at 4:30 pm PST, allowing spectators to take their seats and immerse themselves in the electrifying atmosphere.

Kicking off the night, we have the fierce Sarah Valencia (133.2 lbs) stepping into the ring against Ariel Zeigler (135 lbs) in the 135 lbs amateur match-up. Both fighters appeared focused and determined during the weigh-ins, promising a thrilling start to the evening.

In the second bout of the night, Muhammad Umar (150.2 lbs) will face Chris Espinoza (150 lbs) in a 150 lbs amateur match. Both fighters appeared impressive and ready, Umar narrowly exceeding the weight limit.

For the 125 lbs match-up, Tod Stafford tipped the scales at 133.2 lbs, while Kevin Stark made weight at 127.2 lbs. The discrepancy in their weights could play a role in the bout’s outcome.

The suspense grew as Richard Salazar missed the weigh-in for his 145 lbs match against Julius Vega (139.6 lbs). It remains to be seen if this situation will impact the event tonight.

In the middle of the event, we’ll see Ali Albazy (159.8 lbs) go head-to-head with Kyle Burton (159.4 lbs) in a 160 lbs match-up, followed by the 170 lbs match between Cody Walton (170.1 lbs) and Billy McNair (170.6 lbs). Both bouts saw fighters barely touching the weight limit, suggesting intense preparations.

The seventh fight will witness Lawrence Petway (132.8 lbs) and Yassin Saededdin (134 lbs) battle in another 135 lbs amateur match, both fighters making weight comfortably.

In the heaviest match of the night, Gabriel Rednose weighed in at 227 lbs, while Brad Hamilton missed his weigh-in for their 230 lbs match. This could add a layer of unpredictability to the fight.

Finally, the title fight of the night will be between Josh Cervantes (144.8 lbs) and Devin Gallardo (144.2 lbs) in a 145 lbs title match. Both fighters displayed peak condition at the weigh-ins, setting the stage for a thrilling finale.

Remember, all the excitement unfolds tonight at the Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center. Don’t miss a single punch

Bout Order

1 – Amateur 135 lbs | Sarah Valencia (133.2 lbs) vs Ariel Zeigler (135 lbs)
2 – Amateur 150 lbs | Muhammad Umar (150.2 lbs) vs Chris Espinoza (150 lbs)
3 – Amateur 135 lbs | Tod Stafford (133.2 lbs) vs Kevin Stark (127.2 lbs)
4 – Amateur 145 lbs | Richard Salazar vs Julius Vega (139.6 lbs)
5 – Amateur 160 lbs | Ali Albazy (159.8 lbs) vs Kyle Burton (159.4 lbs)
6 – Amateur 170 lbs | Cody Walton (170.1 lbs) vs Billy McNair (170.6 lbs)
7 – Amateur 135 lbs | Lawrence Petway (132.8 lbs) vs Yassin Saededdin (134 lbs)
8 – Amateur 230 lbs | Gabriel Rednose (227 lbs) vs Brad Hamilton
9 – Amateur 145 lbs | Josh Cervantes (144.8 lbs) vs Devin Gallardo (144.2 lbs)

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