Pro 125 lbs Showdown: Revisiting Goodwin's Victory at RUF 55

🔥 MMA Showdown Alert! 🔥

Brace yourselves, fight enthusiasts! The dust has settled from RUF 55, but the echoes of battle are still reverberating. Direct from the Pro 125 lbs category, we bring you an electrifying highlight reel. Representing Arizona’s UKF, Braden Goodwin squared off against Tempe, AZ’s very own Alexander Carrillo of Blackhouse MMA.

And if you thought it was just another fight, think again! Goodwin clinched victory with a jaw-dropping submission via armbar at 3:57 of round 2. Witness the finesse, the strategy, and the sheer prowess of these MMA gladiators!

🚨 Save the Date! 🚨 RUF Nation is gearing up for yet another adrenaline-pumping event. RUF 56 is slated for October 28th at the Celebrity Theatre. For tickets, fight cards, and more – hop over to RUFNation.com.

Ready for the action? Dive into the highlight video below! ⬇️

Fight Highlight Video

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