RUF 54: Live Results & Updates for Tonight's Action-Packed MMA Event

By Ricky Glover

Welcome to our live blog for RUF Nation’s RUF 54 event tonight! We’ll be providing you with up-to-the-minute updates on the results of each fight on this exciting card. Tonight’s lineup features nine bouts, with a mix of amateur and professional fights. Be sure to keep refreshing this page for the latest results and commentary on tonight’s event.

Fight Card & Results

Amateur 130 lbs | Jesus Mendez vs Greg Smith

Mendez begins the match using powerful kicks to measure the distance between him and his opponent. Smith swiftly executes a double leg takedown and proceeds to launch an unyielding ground-and-pound attack. Despite Mendez managing to stand up for a moment, Smith quickly takes him down again. Maintaining constant pressure from the ground, Smith unleashes a barrage of strikes from a dominant position, prompting the referee to intervene and declare an end to the fight.

Amateur 130 lbs | Greg Smith wins by TKO Via Strikes over Jesus Mendez at 2:44 of round 1

Amateur 130 lbs | Kabody Bryson vs Brandon Elizondo

Elizondo executes a swift double leg takedown at the outset of the match. He then manages to secure Bryson's back, working diligently to lock in a rear naked choke. Briefly, Bryson rises to his feet with Elizondo still clinging to his back and tries to break free by falling backward, but Elizondo remains steadfast in maintaining the submission attempt. Despite a commendable struggle to escape, Bryson ultimately succumbs to the rear naked choke, tapping out and signaling the end of the fight.

Amateur 130 lbs | Brandon Elizondo wins by Submission Via Rear Naked Choke over Kabody Bryson at 1:18 of round 1

Amateur 135 lbs | Roderick Aygeman vs Neyland Marcum

Round 1 Summary: The first round sees both fighters cautiously sizing each other up, using leg kicks and jabs to establish their range. Agyeman succeeds in a takedown, following it up with a standing guillotine attempt. The fighters return to their feet, where Agyeman locks in another standing guillotine, but Marcum manages to break free. A brief exchange ensues, with Agyeman landing several powerful blows before executing a massive double leg takedown.

Round 2 Summary: Marcum's takedown attempt is countered by Agyeman, who tries for another guillotine, but Marcum escapes and returns to his feet. The action intensifies as the fight transitions back to the ground, with Marcum assuming the top position. Agyeman battles his way back up, swarming Marcum with a flurry of punches before taking the fight to the ground again. There, he secures the finishing move, bringing the match to a close.

Amateur 135 lbs | Roderick Aygeman wins by TKO Via Strikes over Neyland Marcum

Amateur 135 lbs - Dherek Abernathy vs Patrick Quick Jr

Round 1: The bout begins with both fighters exchanging a few leg kicks. A powerful strike by Quick momentarily stuns Abernathy. Quick then drives Abernathy to the ground, landing several blows from above, but Abernathy recovers and returns to his feet. As the fight resumes in a standing position, the fighters engage in a relatively even exchange, employing jabs and kicks.

Round 2: Abernathy starts Round 2 assertively, controlling the fight's pace by delivering strikes to Quick's head and body. He then takes Quick down, bringing the fight to the ground. Working from the guard, Abernathy rains down strikes, attempting to transition into a more dominant position. Quick manages to roll into side control and briefly traps Abernathy's arm, but fails to secure the desired submission.

Round 3: As the third round commences, Abernathy quickly takes the fight to the ground once more. From full guard, he lands a series of short strikes before Quick briefly rises to his feet and attempts a guillotine. Abernathy escapes and regains the top position from full guard. He delivers short strikes to Quick's body, trying to facilitate a pass, but the round ends, bringing the fight to a close.

Amateur 135 lbs | Dherek Abernathy wins by Unanimous Decision. All 3 judges score the fight 30-27 for Abernathy over Patrick Quick Jr

Amateur 145 lbs | Jerlov Rognavaldson vs Isaac Zatarain

The match starts with both fighters charging out aggressively, but Barcenas capitalizes on the momentum to attain a dominant position on the ground. From full guard, he delivers a relentless flurry of punches before advancing to full mount and continuing the torrent of hammer fists. Petty manages to roll over, but in doing so, exposes his back to Barcenas. This allows Barcenas to lock in a rear naked choke, ultimately forcing Petty to tap out and securing the victory for himself.

Amateur 145 lbs | Isaac Zatarain wins by TKO Via Strikes over Jerlov Rognavaldson

Amateur 145 lbs | Antron Petty vs Enrique Barcenas

The bout kicks off with both fighters displaying high energy and readiness to launch their offensive strategies. The fight rapidly transitions to the ground, where Zatarain secures the top position, advances to full mount, and unleashes a torrent of hammer fists. Unable to defend himself from the relentless attack, Jerlov prompts the referee to intervene and declare an end to the fight.

Amateur 145 lbs | Enrique Barcenas wins by Submission Via Rear Naked Choke over Antron Petty

#AndNEW | Amateur Title 125 lbs | Dionee Marrero vs Trenten Beyers

Round 1: Beyers attempts two early takedowns, which Marrero successfully thwarts. However, Beyers manages to cling to Marrero as they grapple for position in the clinch. The fight briefly goes to the ground, with Marrero in the top position. The action returns to the feet, and Marrero lands a few head strikes on Beyers.

Round 2: Marrero connects with several leg kicks and a couple of 1-2 counter punches. Beyers retaliates, delivering a solid combination that staggers Marrero and sends him into the cage. Beyers takes the fight to the ground, but Marrero uses the momentum to roll over into the top position, working to pass from guard.

Round 3: Beyers lands a powerful body kick and follows up with a flurry of head strikes on Marrero. The fight goes to the ground, with Beyers initially in the top position. However, Marrero manages to roll and maneuver his way into the top position, but is unable to capitalize before the referee stands them back up. The round concludes with no further significant action.

Amateur Title125 lbs | Dionee Marrero wins by Unanimous Decision. All 3 judges score the contest 29-28 for Barerro over Trenten Beyers

Pro 145 lbs | Dillon Pousson vs Alim Muhammad

Muhammed delivers a powerful leg kick that forces Pousson onto one knee. The fighters briefly engage in a clinch against the cage before returning to the center of the ring. There, Muhammed connects with a devastating knee strike, sending Pousson crashing to the canvas and securing a rapid knockout victory.

Pro 145 lbs | Alim Muhammad wins by KO Via Knee Strike over Dillon Pousson

Pro 155 lbs | Bobby Moffett vs Daniel Soto

Moffett lands a swift leg kick that staggers Soto and makes him lose his balance. Seizing the opportunity, Moffett immediately goes on the offensive, taking Soto to the ground. He then gains control of Soto's back, flattens him out, and secures a neck crank (rear naked choke). This results in a tapout and a rapid victory for Moffett.

Pro 155 lbs | Bobby Moffett wins by Submission Via Rear Naked Choke over Daniel Soto

That’s it for tonight’s RUF 54 event! We hope you enjoyed our live blog and the action-packed night of MMA. Stay tuned for post-fight analysis and breakdowns, as well as the latest news on upcoming RUF Nation events.

Photos provided in Collaboration with Katy Petty | IG: @kpetty_photography

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