RUF 55: Official Weigh-In Results and Fight Day Details!

Hey fight fans! The latest fight card and weigh-in results from RUF Nation’s RUF 55 are in! The event, scheduled for this weekend, promises to deliver some amazing bouts. The fighters weighed in today, Friday, August 25th, and we have the results for you below.

Fight Card and Weigh-in Results

Amateur Bouts:

135 lbs
Anthony Chung (@mochungmoproblems) weighed in at 134.4 lbs, while his opponent Brian Ritchie tipped the scales at 135.7 lbs.
175 lbs
Alyk Lopez (@alykfuccinglopez) came in at 176.0 lbs, and he will face Luis Saldana (@saldana507), who weighed in at 174.1 lbs.
160 lbs
James Deitz (@jamesd.solarking) weighed in at 155.6 lbs, while Yuri Hajosy (@yuri_hajosy) came in slightly lighter at 155.4 lbs.
130 lbs
Daniel Fessler (@danny_fess) tipped the scales at 130.9 lbs, and his opponent Hiram Caballero (@_hiramcaballero98) weighed in at 130.6 lbs.
135 lbs
Anthony Cruz (@koba_kruz) weighed in at 135.4 lbs. He will be facing Zane Davis (@zane.davis.7737769), who weighed 135.8 lbs.
135 lbs
Chris Mangiapili (@chrismangi_) appeared to have a typo in the weigh-in result, registering at 19.7 lbs, which is not plausible. His opponent, Julius Vega (@vegajulius_), weighed in at 138.8 lbs.
135 lbs
Marcos Gallegos (@marcosgallegos10p) weighed in at 134.5 lbs, while Artis Lyles (@tha_kid_mma) came in at 133.7 lbs.

Amateur Title Bout:

145 lbs
Paul Marghitas (@paulmarghitas) tipped the scales at 144.9 lbs. He will face Isaac Zatarain (@zatarain.00), who weighed in at 144.8 lbs.

Professional Bouts:

125 lbs
Braden Goodwin (@bradengoodwinmma) weighed in at 125.4 lbs. He will face Alexander Carrillo (@highvibeshinobi), who came in at 124.2 lbs.
155 lbs
Derrick Brown (@derrickjbbrown) came in overweight at 157 lbs, while his opponent Jose Mendez (@jose_mendez2) weighed in at 154.8 lbs.
145 lbs
Alim Muhammad (@alim) weighed in at 145.3 lbs, while his opponent James Trinidad Rosas (@professional_shinobi) was overweight at 148.9 lbs.
160 lbs
Loai Abushaar (@loaibull) and Kelvin Bowen (@da.h3athen) will face off in the last bout of the night, but their weigh-in results have not been made available yet.

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