Skills Showdown: Ian Machado Garry vs. Michael "Venom" Page

By Steven Boardman

Image Credit: UFC

Fight Analysis

As UFC 303 approaches, fight fans are buzzing with excitement over one of the most intriguing matchups on the card: Ian Machado Garry vs. Michael “Venom” Page. This showdown promises to be a captivating display of skill and strategy, featuring two of the sport’s most dynamic fighters. Garry, known for his technical precision and composed approach, will face off against Page, whose unorthodox and flashy striking has made him a highlight-reel regular. This clash of styles sets the stage for an unforgettable battle, as both fighters look to make a statement and secure their place among the elite in the MMA world.


Michael “Venom” Page:

  • Style: Unorthodox, flashy, influenced by his kickboxing background.
  • Strengths: Precision striking, creative and unexpected attacks, highlight-reel knockouts.
  • Weaknesses: Sometimes over-reliant on showmanship, can be caught off-guard by aggressive opponents.


Ian Garry:

  • Style: Technical, composed, influenced by traditional boxing and Muay Thai.
  • Strengths: Accurate jab, solid combinations, adaptability in striking exchanges.
  • Weaknesses: Still relatively new to the top-tier competition, occasionally hesitant to take risks.

Ground Game

Michael “Venom” Page:

  • Style: Primarily a striker, but has demonstrated improved grappling.
  • Strengths: Decent takedown defense, explosive when transitioning.
  • Weaknesses: Ground game not as developed as his striking, vulnerable against elite grapplers.


Ian Garry:

  • Style: Well-rounded, with a focus on maintaining control and positioning.
  • Strengths: Strong defensive grappling, capable of reversing positions.
  • Weaknesses: Less experienced in high-level grappling exchanges, still developing submission games.

Fight IQ and Adaptability

Michael “Venom” Page:

  • Strengths: Excellent at reading opponents and exploiting weaknesses.
  • Weaknesses: Can be predictable if relying too heavily on his unorthodox style.


Ian Garry:

  • Strengths: Quick to adapt mid-fight, stays composed under pressure.
  • Weaknesses: Experience gap compared to Page, learning curve in adjusting to varied fight styles.

Mental Toughness and Resilience

Michael “Venom” Page:

  • Strengths: Confident and mentally strong, thrives in the spotlight.
  • Weaknesses: Confidence can border on overconfidence, leading to strategic errors.


Ian Garry:

  • Strengths: Calm and focused, grounded by his supportive team and personal drive.
  • Weaknesses: Youth and inexperience could be factors in high-pressure situations.

Final Thoughts

Both fighters bring unique strengths to the octagon. Page’s unorthodox striking and experience contrast with Garry’s technical precision and adaptability. Their matchup will be a fascinating clash of styles, with Page’s flashy techniques challenging Garry’s composed approach. This fight will test Garry’s ability to handle unorthodox opponents and Page’s capacity to adapt to a technically sound, rising star.

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