A1 Combat 12: Scale Battles Concluded, Main Card Set

Greetings fight fans!

We’re still buzzing from the electrifying atmosphere of the A1 Combat’s 12th event that rocked the Hard Rock Cafe in Sacramento, California, this past Saturday, July 22nd. With a night filled with sensational fights, MMA’s rising stars did not disappoint!

In the Amateur 195 lbs category, Ignacio Ureno (@ignacio_lifts) dominated with a stunning TKO via strikes over Juan Delarosa at 1:41 of round 2. Tavious Hunter (@headhunt3rmma) emerged victorious in the 170 lbs division with a unanimous decision over Derek Moon. In an action-packed bout, Gabriel Marquez left a lasting impression with a powerful TKO via strikes over Cristian Alba at 1:39 of round 2.

The Amateur 170 lbs battle saw Dominic Hidalgo earn a unanimous victory over Henry Ganzorig, while in the 135 lbs category, Mason Carzino-Hartshorn won by submission via rear naked choke over Donald Todd.

Meanwhile, Laquan Jenkins (@underrated_702) and Andrew Toste (@toastymma) also clinched unanimous decisions in their respective 135 lbs fights, demonstrating their impressive range of skills and raw determination.

Moving to the Pro ranks, Sczar Charles (@sczarcharles) and Billy Brand (@billmatiq) both secured victories via TKO, showcasing their formidable striking abilities. Carlos Figueroa (@carlosfigueroa135) made a statement with a stunning KO punch, while Ernesto Rodriguez (@estarboy_mma) earned a decisive unanimous decision.

The night’s pinnacle came with our Pro Title fights. Taylor Mauldin (@taylor_mauldin_93) made history with a fantastic submission win via Gogoplata over Laura Gallardo. Following this, Ernie Juarez (@erniejuarez209) took home the 145 lbs title after a unanimous decision victory over previous champ Andrew Coyne.

Congratulations to all our fighters for their incredible performances, and thank you to our fans for the unwavering support. Until next time!

Fight Results

Pro Title 145 lbs | #And New | Ernie Juarez @erniejuarez209 wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) over Andrew Coyne
Pro Title 115 lbs (w) | Taylor Mauldin @taylor_mauldin_93 wins by Submission via Gogoplata over Laura Gallardo at 3:13 of round 2
Pro 170 lbs | Ernesto Rodriguez @estarboy_mma wins by Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-26) over Troy Green
Pro 135 lbs | Billy Brand @billmatiq wins by TKO via strikes over Pedro Juarez at 4:25 of round 3
Pro 140 lbs | Carlos Figueroa @carlosfigueroa135 wins by KO via punch over Ian Morken at 0:35 of round 1
Pro 170 lbs | Sczar Charles @sczarcharles wins by TKO via strikes over Joseph Keith at 2:57 of round 1
Amateur 135 lbs | Andrew Toste @toastymma wins by Submission via Triangle Choke over Nico Colunga at 1:57 of round 3
Amateur 135 lbs | Laquan Jenkins @underrated_702 wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Blace Proffer
Amateur 135 lbs | Mason Carzino-Hartshorn wins by Submission via rear naked choke over Donald Todd at 1:28 of round 3
Amateur 170 lbs | Dominic Hidalgo wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Henry Ganzorig
Amateur 135 lbs | Gabriel Marquez wins by TKO via strikes over Cristian Alba at 1:39 of round 2
Amateur 170 lbs | Tavious Hunter @headhunt3rmma wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Derek Moon
Amateur 195 lbs | Ignacio Ureno @ignacio_lifts wins by TKO via strikes over Juan Delarosa at 1:41 of round 2

Amateur 135 lbs | Ezekiel Martinez vs AbduMalik Saidabulov – Fight Canceled 😖. Saidabuluv missed weight.
Pro 115 lbs | Katarina Legorreta vs Kathy Solorzano – Fight Canceled 😖. Solorzano missed weight.

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