UFL 1 Recap: Exciting Finishes and Dominant Performances at Latest MMA Event

United Fight League‘s first event showcased the talent and skill of some of the top and upcoming fighters in the business, with a number of exciting finishes and dominant performances. John Simon, Perry Stargel, and Cicero Livio were among the standout winners, while Luis Iniguez, Amun Cosme, Jered “Ty” Gwerder, and Valodia Aivazian all secured impressive knockouts. Hometown favorite, Zurina Turrey, also secured a unanimous decision win over Veronika Smolkova. This was an all out brawl and one of our favorite fights of the night.
Demarques Jackson also made a statement with a second-round TKO victory over Jared Gooden. Meanwhile, some fighters suffered setbacks, including Kyron Bowen, who was submitted via rear naked choke by Perry Stargel, and Phil Caracappa, who was knocked out by Valodia Aivazian. Overall, the event was a testament to the skill and toughness of MMA fighters, and fans can look forward to more exciting matchups in the future.

Fight Results

1 – Pro 155 lbs | John Simon @johnnyxsimon wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Quinten Culpepper
2 – Pro 170 lbs | Perry Stargel @perry_scott_stargel wins by Submission via Rear Naked Choke over Kyron Bowen at 3:31 of round 1
3 – Pro 125 lbs | Cicero Livio @livioribeiromma wins by Submission via Arm Triangle Choke over Braden Goodwin at 2:19 of round 1
4 – Pro 135 lbs | Zurina Turrey @quemayhemturrey wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Veronika Smolkova
5 – Pro 170 lbs | Luis Iniguez wins by KO over Ivey Nixon at 4:46 of round 1
6 – Pro 135 lbs | Amun Cosme @amun_cosme_mma wins by TKO over Jackson Santa Cruz A Bezerra Filho at 0:52 of round 1
7 – Pro 170 lbs | Jered “Ty” Gwerder @ty.savage.mma wins by TKO via Headkick and Punch over Dan Huber at 1:05 of round 2
8 – Pro 135 lbs | Valodia Aivazian @valodia_aivazian wins by KO over Phil Caracappa at 0:35 of round 3
9 – Pro 145 lbs | Chris Mecate @chrismecate wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Jose Delgado
10 – Pro 170 lbs | Demarques Jackson @marques_165 wins by TKO over Jared Gooden at 0:50 of round 2

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